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5 Reasons not to start an Online Business | GrowthStart Insights EP03

In this episode we will be discussing 5 reasons not to start an Online Business.

Hello and welcome to the third episode of the GrowthStart Insights podcast. In this episode we’ll be talking about five reasons why you shouldn’t start your own online business.

Reason one: It’s really really hard work

It is not easy to start an online business. You have to put in tons of time. You have to put in tons of effort. You have to get out of your comfort zone and probably learn a whole bunch of skills that you might not have right now.

Reason two: You might not have something to sell

Typically I’d say this is a isn’t a good enough excuse, you really can find something. Either from a business that you know of that has some great products to sell, you can negotiate with that business and sell their products online if they don’t do so already. You can do things like drop shipping you can do a digital product and sell information or knowledge, but it really is a tough one and it requires a lot of thinking to actually find the right product. So it is really really hard and that’s why it’s made this list.

Reason three: You don’t have the experience to start your own business

Well probably you don’t, but nothing is stopping you from actually learning and gaining skills in that specific industry or niche that you are excited about. You must have some kind of experience. If you take some time and have a think about it, what do you really know a lot about? What do people come to you for to ask you a question about? If you can answer that, you’re probably on to the right track. Write it down think about it and you’ll get there.

Reason four: Time

Yes, that’s very tricky. If you’ve got a job currently and you’re working eight to five, that’s tough. You get home after traffic and you just want to eat and probably watch some tv and go to bed, but if you have to think about it, maybe with waking up an hour earlier, spending extra 30 minutes in the morning on your business or planning your business and writing it down and taking the first steps to starting it, you can do it. It might not be overnight and it might not be in a week or month but if you are dedicated it will happen.

Reason five: Money

Money is a big one. That’s why it’s made this list as well. It probably doesn’t take that much money to start an online business, but you still need to plan and have capital available for basics such as web hosting. Do you need to acquire some product in order to sell it? You might need to have some marketing expenses. How are you going to market this? Do you need paid advertising? Do you need to pay for an influencer or a graphic designer? When you know what the costs are that you might have to deal with, there are ways getting around that, but you still need a small amount of capital to start.


There are many reasons for you not to start an online business today, but I can guarantee you that there are 10 times as many in favor of you starting it right now. The quicker you start, the quicker it will grow, the quicker you will make that income and get that freedom and independence that you’re looking for. It’s all possible with a little bit of time and a tiny little bit of money. You can do it and we here at GrowthStart believe in you. Just take that first step and have a think about it. Take a little bit of time, plan it out, write that stuff down and you will get it done.

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