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Digital Products to Sell Online | GrowthStart Insights EP06

In this episode we will be discussing digital products to sell online. What types of digital products can you sell online, how do you choose the right digital product to sell online and what is the key to selling digital products online.

Welcome to the sixth episode of the GrowthStart Insights podcast. In this episode we’ll be discussing digital products. How to sell them online and how to choose the correct one for you. Now please like and subscribe if you’re watching this on YouTube or on any of the podcast channels available. We really appreciate it and that keeps us making more content that’s valuable to you. Now let’s jump into it.

Types of Digital Products

  • Software
  • Applications
  • eBooks
  • Audiobooks
  • Online Courses

So you’re probably asking what types of digital products are there out there? Now typically when we think about a digital product we’ll probably think in the lines of software or an application. Those two examples are fantastic, however you either need to be a programmer yourself or you need large amounts of capital to hire developers to actually do the development of that app for you.

It might not be that easy to start off with especially if it’s your first time in e-commerce. Another alternative to that is an information product. Information products are fantastic, because you package your knowledge and experience into a digital product. The questions you need to ask yourself is what am I knowledgeable about? What do I have experience in? What am I interested in and what value can I provide to the customer?

Okay great. So information product it is, but is it really that easy to get information product together? The answer is no. You have to really in detail, research your market, your customer and research how you are going to be the best at that product. It will also require large amounts of time up front to package your product together. Especially if you’re looking at something more detailed like an online course.

Which type of information product should I choose?

There are different kinds of information based products. Typically we will think about an e-book, an online course or an audiobook. What about a online worksheet or calculators? All of those work fantastically and all of those can make money for you online if you solve that correct problem and sell it to the right people.


Now an eBook is fantastic if you are knowledgeable and you can write about the problem that you’re solving and solve that problem for your customer within that eBook.


If you feel better speaking, then an audiobook is fantastic for you.

Online Course

If you want to go more detailed, an online course is definitely the way to go. This would be a combination of video, audio and text.


You’ll really have to think about what you are most comfortable with and in which way you can better transfer that information, knowledge and experience. The most important thing to remember is that if that product is not valuable to the customer, you won’t have a customer and how do we make a product valuable.

Now the key in that is to solve a problem. Whatever you are experienced in, whatever you are knowledgeable about. Think about what kind of problem people experience in that area. If you can solve one of those problems or perhaps better solve that problem than someone else you’ve got a product worth selling.

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