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Your next steps in 2021 | Starting your Online Business

2020 was an incredibly tough year both personally and professionally. Many individuals and businesses were impacted with devastating after effects. Many have lost jobs and find themselves asking this question: What are my next steps in 2021? Well, why not gain independence by starting an Online Business.

Your next steps in 2021 | Starting your Online Business
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Step 1: Evaluate

Where am I and what the hell am I doing with my life? I am not where I want to be. If this is your first thought or something close to, it’s time to evaluate. Take an hour each morning for at least three days to reflect on the positive and negative things in your life.

Step 2: Put pen to paper

It has been proven that things that are written down are more likely to get done. Write down in two columns the things that you are happy with and those that you are not.

Step 3: Find the solution

It’s sometimes easier to improve on strengths than it is to improve a weakness. If the negative things on your list can not be solved, perhaps consider removing them from your life all together. Write down to each item you have listed what could make it better and if it can’t, see if it can be removed and scratch it out.

Step 4: Action your plan

Nothing ever happens without action. Success is the manifestation of constant improvement over time. This also does not happen overnight. Right now, make a promise to your future self to make every effort to improve your life. Take out your calendar or calendar app and set a time in the morning to dedicate an hour on self improvement.

Step 5: Confirm your dedication

The key is always in persistence. Make sure to keep at your plan every single day. If you can improve 1% a day, in a year you have improved a massive 365%. Honestly your plan as you have written it down will without a doubt change over time. Set yourself a goal of reviewing your progress at least every three months and make any changes that are necessary.

You are the change that you want to be!



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