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What is Passive Income and how to get it?

Passive income is defined as earnings derived from something with which the owner is not actively involved.

Traditional Passive Income:

  • Rental Properties
  • Dividends
What is Passive Income and how to get it?
What is Passive Income and how to get it? 2

You can with a large amount of capital, purchase a property and receive the rental income from that property. Yes, you will have to deal with tenants and building maintenance, levies and taxes. You can expect a return of around 6% on your capital investment.

Perhaps you do not have a large amount of capital and want to consider buying shares and earning dividends as they have a lower upfront cost and you can continually build your portfolio. Today there are many platforms where you can buy shares and some are priced below R10. You can if investing in an index fund see average returns of up to 13%.

Now all this does not sound bad at all. However, we will need access to large amounts of capital to make a sensible profit from our investments in both cases. 

  • Please note that this is not investment advice and you should seek professional financial advisors assistance when investing.

So are there any other options where I can make money while I sleep without large upfront costs?

Yes and welcome to the information age or 4th industrial revolution whichever you may prefer.

There are several digital products that require once off creation with limited upfront capital to start with:


If you have a keen knowledge on a certain topic that others would be willing to purchase and love writing, this is the one for you. You do not have to write 1000 pages, some eBooks only have 10 pages. As long as the content is valuable for the potential client and there are enough potential clients, you will do well.


Do you have a great voice and you aren’t much of a writer but you have wisdom to share. The audiobook might be for you. Sure you will have to script what you will say, but this is a great resource for people who do not have time to  read. Does that sound like your potential customers?

Online Courses

A combination of audio, video and text. The Online Course combines all the great aspects of the eBook and audiobook with added visual aids. Have you seen that people prefer videos lately and less and less want to read?

Membership Sites

The above mentioned methods are usually structured with a once off fee. This is where membership sites thrive as they are based on a monthly subscription.

Yes, you can combine all the above in a variety of topics and multiply your streams of passive income. Keep in mind that you want to achieve a stable recurring monthly income even if it starts small.

Let’s be clear, you have to put in continuous time and a little bit of money at the start, but thereafter your income can be automated with minimal effort and you can truly earn while you sleep. 



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